UCSC-specific Resources

Need help connecting to eduroam?

ITS maintains a guide for doing so. Note: a connection can be made without using a CA certificate by selecting “Do not use a CA certificate” or something similar.

If you are in a location with ResWifi, that is generally preferred over eduroam. ResWifi also supports hardware that is not supported by eduroam, such as the Nintendo Switch.

If you are in a location with ethernet, the surplus store (see below) may have routers available inexpensively. Even better if they support OpenWrt and/or dd-wrt. OpenWrt also maintains a table of “ideal” devices. Be aware of the lack of Broadcom Wi-Fi support in OpenWrt. LibreCMC is a fully free/libre (no binary blobs/drivers) version of OpenWrt, but has less hardware support.

Surplus Store

The Surplus Store on campus is a great place to find hardware! They sell used, older stuff that has been decommissioned from on-campus use. They have lots of desktops, monitors, cables, and a whole lot more available at very low prices.

Want to learn more about Linux?

Here are some good resources to get started:
Linux - Wikipedia